IES Director Dr. K. Hübner awarded prestigious Jean Monnet Chair

Kurt Hübner has been awarded a prestigious Jean Monnet Chair on European Integration and Global Political Economy. The initial period for this Chair is from 2010 through 2013. This first Jean Monnet Chair for UBC reflects the fine work of the whole team of the Institute for European Studies over the last couple of years. The Chair will continue offering courses on Europe and European political and economic topics, in particular for the UBC Political Science Department. Information about upcoming lecture series, roundtables as well as research initiatives will be posted here as well as on the IES website.

The Jean Monnet Chair is part of the so-called Jean Monnet Action -- part of the European Union's Lifelong Learning Programme. Jean Monnet Actions are designed to support university-level teaching and research projects in European integration studies.

Jean Monnet projects are selected on the basis of their academic merits and following a process of rigorous and independent peer review. Jean Monnet projects are run with strict respect for the principle of academic autonomy and freedom.

Originally launched in 1989, these projects are present in 62 countries across the five continents. Between 1990 and 2009, the Action has helped to set up 141 Jean Monnet European Centres of Excellence, 775 Jean Monnet Chairs and 1,137 Jean Monnet Modules and permanent courses. These projects bring together 1,500 professors, and reach 250,000 students every year.


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